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lockedCaveat emptor

Work on both public and private sector projects fell at the sharpest rates in the survey’s five-and-a-half year history.”

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lockedWorld heritage site moves

The Government has upgraded all English world heritage sites to conservation area status as UNESCO steps up its pressure to protect Britain’s heritage areas

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The gathering economic crisis is tempting the national press to cheer up its readers with “reasons for optimism”

lockedKate Barker warned to recognise planning helps economy

The Planning Officers’ Society has told Kate Baker that her Treasury-sponsored review of planning should recognise that the system does not restrict economic growth

lockedPresidential thumbs down for eco towns

No less than 14 past Royal Town Planning Institute presidents have criticised the way the sites for “eco towns” have been promoted

lockedNo more for “Wotmoor”

Oxfordshire County Council is refusing to do further work on a proposed “eco town” until developers pay it £100,000 for detailed work it has done

lockedAugean fails to persuade High Court

Augean has failed to persuade the High Court to overturn a judgement to refuse a landfill tax exemption certificate for its section of Thornhaugh Quarry near Peterborough

lockedFinding a better path

The housing market renewal pathfinders still plan to destroy tens of thousands of sound terraced houses. But a new SAVE report shows there is a better way

lockedPerilous waters: navigating the crunch

Ben Kochan looks at the implications from the property downturn and the switch of RDA funds to help first-time buyers


Henderson Global Investors are leading a £70m plan for redeveloping the former Bank of England building

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