Planning cases


Government backs a new URC

A Government U-turn has seen earlier opposition to urban regeneration companies reversed and support for a new URC in Birmingham.
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New ministers give more importance to planning

Planning has been upgraded to a minister of state responsibility in DCLG's new ministerial team.
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Pickles approves green belt terminal

The communities secretary has approved a strategic rail freight interchange on the former Radlett aerodrome and the local authority is considering legal action.
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Boles cuts localism to size

Local authorities have no right to decide how many new homes their areas can accommodate says the planning minister.
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Maldon bows to Government orders

The Council is seeking suspension of local plan examination hearings after being told it has not met the Government's requirements for house building, nor for the expensive infrastructure it necessitates.
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Boles says big limits on brownfield

The planning minister has listed the reasons why the Government believes English brownfield land only has capacity to accommodate 200,000 homes.
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MPs ignore land threat to food

A Commons Committee has considered threats to food security, but makes no mention of destruction of farmland.
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lockedBoles defends brownfield policy

The planning minister has defended the Government's brownfield policies against attacks from MPs of all parties.
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Boles denies chopping as axe falls again

An examiner has suspended consideration of a local authority's core strategy for failing to meet Government housing requirements, but the planning minister has told MPs inspector's powers to impose changes have been removed and replaced by a "collaborative process".
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Lack of vision on land identified

A major new report says the UK has no vision on land use and faces huge conflicts of interest on land use and food supply as agriculture competes with urban sprawl, biofuels, transport, environmental and recreational space to feed a rapidly growing population in an increasingly insecure world.
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