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National Trust eyes future

The Trust has launched a 10-year strategy but it is unclear whether it will continue to campaign for brownfield-first.
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Broadland stays beyond green

Broadland District Council has reaffirmed its support for building on more than two square kilometres of Norfolk countryside.
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Planners decry brownfield proposals

The Royal Town Planning Institute has joined the chorus of criticism of DCLG's proposals for brownfield housing local development orders in the January consultation paper.
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Pickles frees further change of use

The communities secretary has defended the Government's record on brownfield and green belts and outlined a series of moves to free up change of use and other measures in a Commons written statement.
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Nine million pounds for sprawl

The Government is providing a £9.4m loan to allow destruction of almost four square kilometres of farmland for low-density housing.
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lockedProperty industry decries brownfield plans

The British Property Federation's response to the DCLG brownfield LDO consultation says it would slow development, ignore non-housing needs and drastically reduce the amount of brownfield land considered suitable for development,
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Planners urge green belt reviews

The Planning Officers Society is urging green belt reviews to allow urban extensions to be built, but only once efforts have been made to maximize urban development.
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Starter homes initiative warning

Senior planners say the Government's starter homes scheme for brownfield sites could become a nightmare thanks to challenges over site valuations and funding.
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lockedCouncil told to fund remediation

A local authority has rejected a housing development - on green belt - grounds after the developer told the Council it should pay for remediation of contamination on the undetermined site because the Environmental Protection Act requires it.
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Support for transit-oriented development in US

A bill has been introduced in the US Senate to allow federal funds for rail improvement to be used for transit-oriented-development, a key component of smart growth.
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