Planning cases


lockedInvasive plant populations growing

A major review of UK performance against Global Strategy for Plant Conservation objectives finds we are still failing to protect wild plant diversity and many invasive non-native species are not only increasing, but still on sale by the horticultural industry.
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lockedWaveney navigates open mosaic challenge

The District Council has approved redevelopment of a large brownfield area despite objections over an area of "open mosaic habitat" fast disappearing under scrub.
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Ashford sprawls south-westwards

Ashford Borough Council has approved destruction of four square kilometres of farmland to make way for low-density housing development.
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Brownfield-first – but only for waste

The Government has revised rules for planning waste management facilities and presented them as a green belt protection policy.
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Lyons damns brownfield with faint praise

Labour's Lyons Housing Review has offered some very weak support for stronger brownfield policies, but strongly attacks reliance on brownfield and includes measures to encourage - or enforce - releases of greenfield housing land.
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Coalbed methane

Scottish ministers have called in the applications to drill for coalbed methane in the central belt.
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York rethinks greenfield plans

A change of political control at the City Council has halted consultation on plans for thousands of greenfield homes.
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lockedAppeal Court rules on green belt harm

The Court of Appeal has made an important ruling on green belt issues.
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Protect offices call

A coalition including the BPF and POS has called for protection of London office zones from damage by permitted development rights.
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Inspector kicks out council plan

Doncaster Borough Council has been forced to withdraw a key local planning document after instructions from a Government inspector.
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