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Planners pan manifestos

The Planning Officers' Society has cast a critical eye over the manifestos of three parties.
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Garden city folk set out their demands

The five garden city enthusiasts shortlisted for the Wolfson Prize have set out their demands for a new government to provide support for new greenfield settlements and powers to impose them on communities.
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No brownfield commitment from Labour

The Labour manifesto has much to say about house building and little about how they would be planned other than confirming its commitment to its own Lyons Review of Planning which was distinctly lukewarm about brownfield development, did not commit itself to brownfield-first and said garden cities, garden suburbs and urban expansion are more important.
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Conservatives propose rolling green belts

Press reports say the manifesto will commit to some form of brownfield priority and to replacing built-on green belt by designations of other greenfield land.
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Lanarkshire sprawl town rejected

A Scottish Government reporter has rejected plans for a huge new housing settlement at a remote site in a scenic area.
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Macclesfield wins LDO grant

DCLG has awarded a £100,000 grant to help develop local development orders for two brownfield sites in Macclesfield.
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North East England embraces sprawl

Newcastle and Gateshead have approved a local plan with 8,300 green belt homes while Durham County Council is complaining its plans for massive urban sprawl are being thwarted.
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Local government decries brownfield proposals

The Local Government Association has joined the chorus of disapproval on the Government's plans to force local development orders for brownfield housing and says a brownfield-first policy with a sequential test should be implemented instead.
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Pay to protect green belt says think tank

A free-market body says residents in green belts who want to prevent housing development locally should be forced to pay more council tax.
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Green belt onslaught intensifying

A new analysis shows that planning consent for housing in England's green belts is increasing, despite ministerial protestations to be protecting such areas.
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