Planning cases


A tight hold on density – and spending

New work in America shows that low-density sprawl isn’t just bad for the environment, it costs the public purse dear as well.
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Lords inquiry into the built environment

A Lords Select Committee is to conduct an inquiry on planning and design.
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Parliamentary group to push housing

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing and Planning is to be reformulated to push house building.
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Give communities a right to beauty

The Res Publica think tank has called for a range of powers to improve urban beauty, including areas of outstanding urban beauty and a public right to challenge authorities to improve derelict sites.
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Local plan seizure threat grows

Planning minister Brandon Lewis has threatened to take control of any English local plan not published by early 2017, prompting accusations of undermining localism.
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lockedCourt allows green belt releases

The High Court has rejected a challenge to a local plan and upheld a council's right to allow green belt releases even after the basic strategy is proposed, thanks to changes in the 2011 Localism Act.
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Peat burning is growing fast

A new study shows burning of upland peat is widespread and growing fast, even in areas which are supposed to be protected.
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lockedClark dubs greenfield proposal unsustainable

The communities secretary has thrown out a major housing scheme, despite the local authority lacking an up-to-date local plan or a "5-year housing land supply" because it failed to comply with the local plan, meet the NPPF's demands for sustainable development and would have damaged both town and countryside.
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SSSI fracking ban U-turn

Draft regulations show the Government has dropped its previous commitment to ban hydraulic fracturing headworks in sites of special scientific interest.
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Northumberland sprawl rejected

The communities secretary has rejected a green belt development which may have significant implications for green belt releases and NPPF policy.
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