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The RTPI’s priorities

The Royal Town Planning Institute has set out the 10 things it thinks the incoming government should do.
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Urban spread hitting Europe’s environment

A review of Europe's environment warns that urbanization is hitting farmland, forests and natural and semi-natural land and highlights the new lack of commitment to protection at the Commission.
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Guidance change to secure starter homes

The Government is to amend English planning guidance to secure its plans to free starter home developers from S106, CLI, tariff payments etc. and detailed planning controls. the changes will apply initially, but not apparently exclusively, on brownfield sites.
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Case turns on conflict with neighbourhood plan

The High Court has ruled the communities secretary acted lawfully when rejecting a housing application on the grounds of conflict with a neighbourhood plan.
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Liverpool sustains Welsh Streets dereliction fight

Liverpool City Council is to go to court to try to keep its controversial plan to demolish hundreds of Victorian houses alive.
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Ministers snub MPs’ concerns on planning framework

The Government has rejected the majority of the Commons Communities and Local Government Committee's 43 recommendations for reform of the National Planning Policy Framework.
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Sign-up for Starter Homes Initiative begins

First-time buyers in England can now sign up for a 20% discount on homes built on brownfield sites under the Starter Homes Initiative, but their builders will escape S106, CIL and planning fees and the cost will, therefore, fall on the public purse.
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Beware of ministers bearing gifts

The brownfield homes consultation paper is far from the good news it purports to be. It needs a robust response from the sector.
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lockedGreenspace on Orphan Brownfields: New Opportunities

The argument over C4SLs and S4ULs has diverted attention from the far more significant inclusion of two new public open space standard land use classes which offer new opportunities for orphan sites.
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Smash planning say free-marketeers

A free-market think tank has demanded a fresh onslaught on the planning system, with the only controls in the hands of local residents rather than officials and local plans drastically stripped back.
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