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UK soil sealing accelerating

New CORINE land cover maps of the UK show that, in just six years, 22,000ha of farmland, forest and wetland was covered by buildings or hard surfaces.
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The high road to low environmental value

An organisation has published guidelines which purport to define "high environmental value" on brownfield sites, but they could achieve the exact opposite.
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Scottish green belt warning

There are warnings that a so-called "presumption in favour of sustainable development" in the Scottish Planning Policy will result in major greenfield land releases, following a green belt decision outside Edinburgh.
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Four more London zones announced

The mayor of London has announced four more brownfield housing zones.
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Regeneration dividend demonstrated

A new study of the Gorbals in Glasgow reveals the economic benefits of regeneration, planning and place making.
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Sustainable transport points to brownfield-first

A major new report urges a smart growth approach to planning which puts access to sustainable transport high among the objectives new development must achieve.
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lockedLocal development order advice available

A new website has been launched to share advice and experience on using local development orders for sites of less than 100 homes.
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Scottish site allocation claims

A report by a planning consultant has attacked residential site allocations by councils in Scotland's central belt for allocating too many in weaker market areas - where prices are low and inhabitants poorer -but these areas are where most sustainably located brownfield land lies.
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Cities’ climate change threats mapped

The European Environment Agency has published interactive maps showing European cities' vulnerability to a range of climate change threats.
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Senior planners question Clark move

The Planning Officers' Society is warning that calling in Maldon's draft local plan risks jeopardizing the independence and authority of inspectors.
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