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lockedConservatives expand on brownfield fund

The Party has revealed some more details of the Brownfield Regeneration Fund proposed in its manifesto.
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SNP manifesto shows little interest in environment

The SNP manifesto concentrates on attacking austerity and demanding more resources for Scotland.
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Alliance calls for members’ registers

Northern Ireland's Alliance Party says members of local authorities which have recently taken on planning powers should reveal if their party is receiving donations from property developers.
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Planners pan manifestos

The Planning Officers' Society has cast a critical eye over the manifestos of three parties.
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Labour’s confusion on brownfield

Ed Miliband said Labour is committed to brownfield-first at its manifesto launch, but the document only commits the party to implementing its Lyons Review of Housing which had a distinctly conflicted attitude to brownfield development.
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UKIP wants strong pro-brownfield action

The UKIP manifesto calls for a £500m incentive programme for brownfield housing, measures to tackle contamination and other physical challenges and radical planning reforms, including scrapping the NPPF.
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Plaid pledges planning reform

Plaid Cymru's manifesto promises reform of planning in Wales, but contains little specific.
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Brownfield and greenfield from Lib Dems

The party wants to see priority for brownfield and town centre building, but sets out extensive powers for building garden cities and allowing councils to dump unwanted sprawl on neighbouring authorities.
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Greens promise radical planning reform

The Party promises to scrap England's National Planning Policy Framework and to protect biodiversity and landscape.
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Weak brownfield commitment from the Conservatives

The Conservatives have avoided any commitment to brownfield-first in their manifesto, promising only to "prioritize" brownfield housing and set up a brownfield fund.
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