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Sustainable transport points to brownfield-first

A major new report urges a smart growth approach to planning which puts access to sustainable transport high among the objectives new development must achieve.
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lockedNo increased social housing grant

The Government has no plans to increase grants for social housing on brownfield sites, the House of Lords was told.
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Senior planners question Clark move

The Planning Officers' Society is warning that calling in Maldon's draft local plan risks jeopardizing the independence and authority of inspectors.
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No plans to protect farm land or soils

The Government has no plans to give stronger protection to best and most versatile farmland or even to discuss monitoring of losses with DEFRA, Brandon Lewis has confirmed.
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lockedFund Part 2A work via landfill taxes call

The CIEH has suggested unspent Landfill Communities Fund revenues be used to pay for local authorities' Part 2A work.
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No change in Whitehall brownfield statistics

The Government is sticking to its much derided figure of England only having capacity for 200,000 brownfield homes.
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Exclude sites from register, say Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts say sites they deem to be of high environmental value should be excluded from the Government's proposed register of brownfield land.
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Wildlife bodies launch major brownfield attack

A group of nine wildlife bodies have proposed guidelines for defining the NPPF's "high environmental value" previously developed sites which they admit would sterilize significant numbers of brownfield sites from development.
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City deals Bill introduced

Greg Clark has resumed responsibility for cities as the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill is published.
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Release land orders Clark

Communities secretary Greg Clark has told local authorities and government departments to release land for house building, though he made no mention of the other purposes for which they may have been holding it.
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