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Lyons damns brownfield with faint praise

Labour's Lyons Housing Review has offered some very weak support for stronger brownfield policies, but strongly attacks reliance on brownfield and includes measures to encourage - or enforce - releases of greenfield housing land.
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Permitted rights hitting jobs and infrastructure

An LGA survey has demonstrated that permitted development rights allowing conversion of offices to flats without planning permission is causing damage to businesses and employment, placing unfunded demands on infrastructure and undermining legitimate development proposals.
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Welsh planning bill published

The new Planning (Wales) Bill gives the Welsh Government new powers.
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Green belt guidance announced

The Government has published amendments to England's National Planning Practice Guidance which it says will alter the protection given to green belt land in housing assessment.
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Pickles bucks devolution trend

The communities secretary's conference speech committed his Party to opposing English regional devolution and lauded his own efforts to build more homes, but he carefully avoided the contentious planning issues that vex his Party's rank and file.
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UKIP calls for brownfield revolution

UKIP has called for a national brownfield agency, a national register of brownfield land, a £5bn bond issue to finance brownfield reclamation and elimination of stamp duty from brownfield.
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Benn reticent on brownfield-first

The shadow communities secretary says we need a stronger brownfield policy but was unwilling to say what in advance of Labour's Lyons Review. He had much to say about the importance of land releases to meet a "housing crisis" for young families, however.
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lockedBrownfield consultation promised

The Government has promised a consultation on planning permission for English brownfield sites.
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Planning reforms slipped out

DCLG has slipped out a consultation proposing major planning reforms including change of use, discharge of conditions and environmental impact assessment during the summer recess.
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London looks to brownfield future

London can house its rapidly burgeoning population on its brownfield sites until at least 2025 says a new report on the massive infrastructure requirements involved.
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