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REFIT poised to strike EU green rules

The European Commission is proposing an enhanced REFIT deregulatory process, sparking warnings it would undermine environmental protection and democracy.
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Welsh Planning Bill becomes law

The Welsh Government's Planning Bill has passed the National Assembly and awaits Royal Assent.
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Elected mayors as the price of devolution

Chancellor George Osborne has offered devolution to English cities, but only if they accept imposition of a directly affected mayor.
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lockedSenior planners seek reforms

The Planning Officers Society says changes to the planning system have left it in need of simplification and it has set out a programme of reform.
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Curtain falls on environment-light campaign

Polling day closed a campaign which saw house building take centre-stage, brownfield-first and countryside protection as major issues and the environment virtually ignored otherwise.
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Welsh planning bill moves on

The Planning (Wales) Bill has completed its third stage in the Welsh Assembly despite fears it centralizes some powers to Cardiff.
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lockedPromises, promises…

Promises by parties in their general election manifestos may not be all they seem, particularly where brownfield policy is concerned.
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lockedConservatives expand on brownfield fund

The Party has revealed some more details of the Brownfield Regeneration Fund proposed in its manifesto.
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SNP manifesto shows little interest in environment

The SNP manifesto concentrates on attacking austerity and demanding more resources for Scotland.
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Alliance calls for members’ registers

Northern Ireland's Alliance Party says members of local authorities which have recently taken on planning powers should reveal if their party is receiving donations from property developers.
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